Reviews for "[US]SR"

The fact that it took a three man team to make a game like this is unbelievable.

This game is garbage in all senses of the word.

First off - I know you were trying to be all "look at us guys we're so progressive!! women rock too!! yeaaa!" but it comes off as a miserable, pathetic, and shoehorned attempt. I'm all for varied characters in my videogames, but as i mentioned before, this is nothing but "GAIZ WE'R SO PREGRESSIVE! WOO!. I know you were trying to convey a message here, but of all things why choose videogames as the medium? Why not a book, or a film, movie, documentary something that's WAY more suited to such things? I don't know, maybe about the heroines of the Red Army, which were actually quite numerous and as valiant as their male counterparts?

First off, don't make videogames if you can't make them. Bad graphics, bad music, bad everything. Prove me wrong. I can find games that are made here by 16 y.os that are more enjoyable and better than this game in every aspect. Even "story". Why didn't you bother yourself to learn "actionscript for fools" to make the game actually a bit respectable, instead of CRAWLING SIMULATOR WITH TRENDY "RETRO" GRAPHICS AND CHIPTUNE HEARTBEATS TO GENERATE SUSPENSE, just so we could have fun, and take the game for anything other than SO PROGRESSIVE!

Bland retro design because it's hip and trendy those days - check
Disturbing content because lmao who needs actual storytelling and suspense building. - check
Shoehorned equality - check
"lol we don't need gameplay for a game lol it's just a message" - check.

And i bet i'm going to be called a mysoginistic bigot for disliking such a game.

Well, woe is me.

just404it responds:

It's all good man! Its good to voice your opinions and open up that dialogue. However, the idea to have the background character a female was one of the last decisions we made during development. It's pretty much non-consequential to the main point of the game (how we tend to toss aside the non-essential characters in favor of our own journeys). But it is kind of neat to see how much impact such a simple change (like that character's gender) has on some players!


ok cool, you did something different, that's worth a star.
the four stars missing are for how annoying every aspect of this is.

-0.5 stars for gameplay
+5 stars for meaning
I completely understand that this was supposed to mean something, and I know what message you were trying to get across. The thing is, you submitted it as a game, and it doesn't have much to offer in that respect, with is mostly fine. Still, the deeper meaning totally makes up for it.

Nice idea there and I like the [US]SR joke, at the beginning I was expecting a shooter and I got a totally different thing, XD Jokes aside I liked the audio, it might be a bit too slow for people but it brings a certain ambient, nice old graphics, I think you should let us play the Rambo girl's role too as unlockable after finishing the game. All hail to Arsotzka and great Russia ! Great game !

This is awful. Too slow to get it started, awful sound. Come on, i was bored before I even got to play. If i want that I'll go play FF13. What a complete let down. :(