Reviews for "[US]SR"

This was kind of fun. The kind of either 0/5 or 5/5 game.

"Your browser doesn't support HTML 5 canvas."

Honestly I'm kind of glad for this, after reading a couple of reviews. Did you seriously pull the same stupid crap again? Wow.

Try using a few less gimmicky scripts to make your game and actually make your game.

Gotta say it: blam. What are you doing? Just moving to the right and dying for no particular reason? No interaction with the other game characters? It makes no sense, sorry. And the intro to the game takes WAY too long and you can't skip it. No mute button? Blam blam blam.

Pretty cool game, I'll never look at the bloodied up background grunts in war movies in the same way! The sound effects were a little jarring at the beginning, but the music was cool and the graphics and animation were spot on! oh and the reviewer a few below me, GyroZ.. is a mysoginistic bigot

just404it responds:

Any suggestions on the sound effects? The one bit that irks me is the repetition of the engine from the credits/marching screen to the instructions screen.

Not much of a game and the time wasted pressing the right arrow button is barely compensated for what's happening on the screen, also having a female heroine and a male in distress is not enough for this to be a "critical game" even if Anita Sarkasian says otherwise. I liked the pixel art style and the music though.