Reviews for "[US]SR"

way too compact. when your game could also just be a flash movie, it's probably not a good game.
i do like the concept of exploring the characters and what they experience that aren't in the spotlight, that aren't the heroes. i could see a cool game where you're passing through territories the hero has already passed, encountering widows, murdered children, civilians shot by accident during the conflict , finding out that the enemy isn't ''evil'', but merely tried to defend his family from the brutality of the ''hero''.

but this ''game'' isn't that. this ''game'' is a 30 sec flash movie (yeah, i'm not counting all the blown up helicopters after the first one) with you pressing spacebar to play it. the idea is good, but the execution is just terrible.

A game with a message, but not everyone understands..

Well. This "game" is pretty good in sending the message. (I don't sure this can be put it in Video either)
4 star for message. -1 for annoying sound in beginning part and bad graphic. 0.5 for some comment this game made. lol.

I like it! Seeing the events unfoldin the eyes of someone who isnot the main character is a change of pace.

Very well done commentary. I've always wondered about the idea of having the background characters having fates and histories, and this was a pretty cool interpretation.