Reviews for "[US]SR"

That game hit me on an emotional level.

Thank you for this work of art.

This is drek... I want the 5 or so minutes of my life back. You will hear from my lawyer for emotional damages caused while playing this pointless game...

I kinda get it... and its a great idead to talk about the kind of "useless" and fallen soldiers that are used in may situations (games or real life) like cannon fodders.
But it gets really repetitive (not sure if for a purpose or a feeling that the author is trying to promote) and I crawled for a while before I realized it had no ending...
5 stars for the idea, -2 for the execution...

How is this supposed to be a game? You have to crawl, and not crawl too long or you die. The music gets repetive, same with the sound. I understand that there is some message, but it sure is stupid having the message pushed at us. Yeah, I see the girl that is kicking ass is doing a lot more than the guy I am. The Author Comment is also completely crap. Nothing is true about it and the author wants that. This could be a short little flash movie, but no. You had to release a forced perspective on to the players.

war isnt always so pretty