Reviews for "[US]SR"

I wish I could rate it more, but a game can not be just a message, gameplay is important. I get that you wanted to portray war as it is for most soldiers: Hell. But you got some extra points by the fact that you did not lie in your description: It's a short action packed scenario (not an action packed GAME). I did attempt to save those damsels, you just never said I'd succed. And I never played a war game like that before :D

By the way people, the game DOES have an ending, if you care to reach it.

I have to echo the comment below. You have a clear concept in mind and seemingly a message to tell, but really it's just a video you can't forward too quickly.

good idea, shit execution, that is all this is. also, the background art style and quality does not mach the rest of the game at all, this leads me to believe that you stole resources form some other project, and used it in this. the message could have been done in the form of a movie, and on that note much better as well. 0/5 do better next time.

Man, this game is so awesome, you just crawl forward and forward and OMG it's more than i could wish, also kike this music loop. Ending is 10|10

I dunno why people even dare to make this kind of bullshit... WHY!???