Reviews for "[US]SR"

To those who give this a 0. This game is I agree, boring. That being said, this game is frontpaged I think for the deeper meaning being displayed here. War and its effect, and sometimes you aren't the war hero the unexpected can happen. You have to give it your all to survive. It has some nice graphics, and if this isen't just a rage game it was a fun little thing to play with.

Sorry but boring, you do nothing. You only crawl on the street, and in the game there give you fight instructions, nope sorry no stars for you dude

I'll give it a half. It's a pretty nice concept, by putting you in less than one (wo)man army for once a while. But at the execution of the concept itself, meh, it's shit, I know it's not a serious project of yours, not something worth to dedicated upon, but still, why is that those shitty bugs and stuffs, I can even crawl into the sky for fucks sake. I was slapping my crotch on her head all the time. The fact this shit made it into the front page saddens me even further, why this half assed 'game' that was made with half assed 'effort' deem worthy for the front page by whoever decides the fronties is? I mean, put some effort on this shit for fucks sake, '*critical game' critically retarded if I must say. PUT SOME EFFORT GODDAMMIT, ADD MORE HELPLESSNESS! MAKE THAT TORSO GUY IN THE END GRABS YOU OR SOMETHING, PUT SOME LOVE ON THIS SHIT YOU DIMWIT! YOUR POOR GAME MAKING SKILLS MADE THIS 'GAME' POINTLESS AND BORING AND NOT EVEN WORTH PLAYING.

There, I let it all out.

Bug: you can crawl higher up than you're supposed to. It ruins the perspective tricks being used throughout the game. Other than that, a nice hat tip to the rest of the NPCs that are just conveniently ignored throughout one man hero action games.

just404it responds:

Thanks! I fixed the bug now. I tried out something new at the last second before uploading (to prevent some movement abuse) and it created some extremely unwanted side effects. But it should all be in working order now!

they give you instructions to fight and then you crawl? At least give us a gun EVENTUALLY.