Reviews for "[US]SR"

WTF am I playing? I finished the game by crawling. If there's supposed to be a message, please tell me because I didn't get this at all.

As a game to play: shitty. (That's why such a low rating)
Yet, i see it's and endless game with a deep meaning. But it's still as a message quite dull. Love the graphics. And the music is not anoying, so take that as a compliument because i hate background music

Provides a deep thought to games haha..Pretty deep I say,..I feel guilty for ignoring that NPC in the RPG i played xD the game's boring but the boring stuff suits the game.

And where is Sovetian nukes?

dude at least fix the bugs, its like you weren't even trying.

just404it responds:

My bad! Issue is that I altered the controls at the last minute to make them smoother and it led to collision issues with the scenery. Its all fixed now though!