Reviews for "[US]SR"

I didnt expect a cool playable game when saw such back graphics and crappy music

endeless walking for being rescued in heli, this just blows

you get half start cuz you show how can be future war scenario

The sound is a bit surprising, shocking even. I was waiting for the game to start up, then an EXPLOSION fills my earphones. That really dazed me.

Its not an endless game it does have an ending.
The trick is just stop crawling when there is too much static and repeat.

This game was hilarious! I thought it was gonna be about a drug addict cause of the heroine! lmfao 5/5 for a well deserved pun and an action packed game,

Deep meaning but not suited for younger audiences. and look what they give you.
0 stars. and its ridiculous for them to give it a 0 because it said there that its a MATURE game. for mature people. people who are wiser. and i agree that NPC's who we ignore much on those one man army games and stuff like in metal slug. we should give credit.