Reviews for "N-Dimensions"

bullet hell or kinda hot sauce..yeah its good

I love this kind of old school arcade shooting but unfortunately for me i kinda suck at them. It was very nicely done and i had alot of fun playing 5 stars.

the only thing harder than this game is my penis now that I have finished it

I want to print every sprite, background, animation and single digit of code from this game, use a blender to turn them into a fine dust and then snort it.

VascoF responds:

Hahaha :D

Really entertaining. It gives back old memories, back in the early 2000's, when I had my SEGA console, and this graphics were amazing. Thanks man, this game is excellent

epic game. its really addicting. the game is really tough but not impossible. almost got to the final boss but just couldn't do it, couldn't happen. but with a little more practice (and a little luck) I know I'll be able to beat it. Keep up the good work.