Reviews for "N-Dimensions"

That was a pretty strange game. I think it just struck me as weird because of how it was jus the same thing over and over. There really wasn't anything wrong with it. The sounds and everything else were pretty nicely done. The boss was pretty hard. It could have used more detail, though.

I must not know how to activate those powerups, because I didn't get the medals when I got them. I hope you had a merry Christmas! I really do like space shooting games. I guess it's just how straightforward they are. This was a fun game.

VascoF responds:

You have to press the X key to use one of the special power-ups.

Thanks, hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

really fun game, but quite possibly a bit too hard. i only say this because the players ability to progress through the game is decided entirely by chance. specifically the wave of bullets near the end of level two, it requires the player to use the "invulnerability powerup" which requires you to have collected 3 of the "X" powerups, i have only ever seen a maximum of three appear before that point, so if you miss or use one prior to that point you cannot proceed.
Something similar can be said about normal battle sequences, that your ability to succeed requires that you have been lucky enough to have encountered enough weapon powerups to not be overrun.

Al in all a great game, but perhaps increase the spawn rate for certain powerups in certain areas, the "X" at the start of level two at the very least(make one more appear).

VascoF responds:

Thanks for the review. There is not as much chance as it seems, since the game will check if you have enough "X" power-ups before the wave of bullets, and will spawn more from the wave of enemies before it if needed.

The other power-ups are spawned in a "fair" way, so that although there is randomness, one power-up will never spawn too many times over another.

this game is pretty difficult and whats it mean by try again in other dimensions I think if there was maybe 3 lives it would be more fun to play and would love to see rest of game but as soon as ufos come its doge or die! so please make life system or continue for this game and I wanna get medals too cause they look neat

It looks like I have problems with collision between bullets and enemies, I don't if it's the game or it's my pc, I'll guess it's my pc.
Problems with the collisions aren't too important, I've played the game a long time and I have been defeated many times, there's a option to change the dimension and I pressed that button, but I didn't notice that I was on another different dimension, is always the same dimension? I think you should change the color of the enemies when you change the dimension or something like this. I don't know if you are still working on this game, but if you have the chance to change it, I think, it would be good if you change something on the different dimensions.
By the way, the game is quite difficult though I like that ^^ besides I love that kind of graphics. The game concept is also pretty interesting.

VascoF responds:

Well, when you restart the enemies don't spawn in exactly the same way, so you could consider it a similar parallel dimension :)

I don't know what's the issue with the collisions though.

not bad but why no checkpoints even after killing first box?
also ship movements are not precise

VascoF responds:

The bosses leave 4 power-ups that function as "continues".

Not sure about the movement precision, but that may have something to do with the browser or flash player.