Reviews for "N-Dimensions"

Ok, this old school style shmup it awesome. It reminds me a bit of Gradius and perhaps R-Type.
It has all of the things I'm fond of in retro shooters, plus improvements that take it too the next level.
The difficulty bar is up there, which is why I'm glad that the power ups are plentiful, but I'm always up to a good challenge.
I only wish there were medals to earn, to reward the player for a hard fought space battle :D
Great work on this, I hope you make more like it in the near future!

VascoF responds:

Thanks, I actually had a lot of fun making this game and would love to make another like it sometime :)

This game is ALMOST perfect!

The concept of infinite dimensions is fine, you could add more "plot" to it, but that's ok.

The game mechanism is flawless, fine amount of enemies and powerups, no problem here.

The art is very simple, but that's a style we call "retro", nothing to blame here then.

Only thing that I disliked is the controls, there should be a mouse option (ship follows cursor), this would make everything more enjoyable, as many people, like me, have more confidence over this device. Or maybe allow you to edit the control settings, it kindapisses me off to have that "\" key between Z and Shift, lol.

Sound is amazing, specially the music, it merges you even more deeply into the game.

In general, you made one of my favorite games overall, good job!

VascoF responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

I usually prefer keyboard control for this type of game, since it feels more like you're in control of the ship. With the mouse the ship just follows the pointer, usually more slowly than the speed at which you move it, which is sometimes confusing. But I'll consider putting that as an option in the future.

One of the best 2D games, I've played for a long time! it's really intensive with it's bullet hell and powerups. Bosses are great and so far, I haven't found a single bug or anything like that. I do have to admit that you could give players few more lives at the beginning.

5 picos and 4.5 stars.

It's just like gradius III. Also great as it.

Fast action, very cool arcade game :)