Reviews for "N-Dimensions"

this game is pretty difficult and whats it mean by try again in other dimensions I think if there was maybe 3 lives it would be more fun to play and would love to see rest of game but as soon as ufos come its doge or die! so please make life system or continue for this game and I wanna get medals too cause they look neat

Fast action, very cool arcade game :)

It's just like gradius III. Also great as it.

One of the best 2D games, I've played for a long time! it's really intensive with it's bullet hell and powerups. Bosses are great and so far, I haven't found a single bug or anything like that. I do have to admit that you could give players few more lives at the beginning.

5 picos and 4.5 stars.

epic game. its really addicting. the game is really tough but not impossible. almost got to the final boss but just couldn't do it, couldn't happen. but with a little more practice (and a little luck) I know I'll be able to beat it. Keep up the good work.