Reviews for "N-Dimensions"

A very funny game, 4/5 ;]

I will not "like" you. I cannot "like" this game. It was hard but manageable until the third boss - you know, the one who assfucks you from behind? That was NOT okay. It seems that you, like many others, do not understand the difference between "challenging" and "frustrating". However, I can see that you put some work into this, and it's pretty decent apart from the awful difficulty balancing, so I'm giving you two and a half stars.

VascoF responds:

Well, what's frustrating for some may be fun/challenging for others. I'm sorry that wasn't the case for you.

could be nice, if I could choose my keys and/or had AUTOFIRE. No matter which combination of keys I chose, I ended up being unable to shoot and move up left (left being blocked). Since I'm fighting against the opponents and the keys, Shift key was almost out of the question.
This kills the game pretty fast.
Side fact for me: No medals, yet (should have...)

VascoF responds:

That's a shame... I hoped that there would always be a combination of keys that would work on all keyboards.

I didn't put auto-fire because it's confusing when certain enemies that you may not want to shoot appear, and also because I like the feeling of pressing a button to shoot :)

It looks like I have problems with collision between bullets and enemies, I don't if it's the game or it's my pc, I'll guess it's my pc.
Problems with the collisions aren't too important, I've played the game a long time and I have been defeated many times, there's a option to change the dimension and I pressed that button, but I didn't notice that I was on another different dimension, is always the same dimension? I think you should change the color of the enemies when you change the dimension or something like this. I don't know if you are still working on this game, but if you have the chance to change it, I think, it would be good if you change something on the different dimensions.
By the way, the game is quite difficult though I like that ^^ besides I love that kind of graphics. The game concept is also pretty interesting.

VascoF responds:

Well, when you restart the enemies don't spawn in exactly the same way, so you could consider it a similar parallel dimension :)

I don't know what's the issue with the collisions though.

cmon... everytime the same crap.. there are people in this world (Europe) where the Y and Z keys are swapped... unplayable...


VascoF responds:

N and M keys can be used instead.