Reviews for "N-Dimensions"

A bit too hard for me, but I enjoyed it a lot :)
The part where you had to keep a slow powerup to avoid a wave of projectiles was bullsh*t, but other than that I liked the simple and powerful upgrade system. Nice idea with the shields too.

That was a pretty strange game. I think it just struck me as weird because of how it was jus the same thing over and over. There really wasn't anything wrong with it. The sounds and everything else were pretty nicely done. The boss was pretty hard. It could have used more detail, though.

I must not know how to activate those powerups, because I didn't get the medals when I got them. I hope you had a merry Christmas! I really do like space shooting games. I guess it's just how straightforward they are. This was a fun game.

VascoF responds:

You have to press the X key to use one of the special power-ups.

Thanks, hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

not bad but why no checkpoints even after killing first box?
also ship movements are not precise

VascoF responds:

The bosses leave 4 power-ups that function as "continues".

Not sure about the movement precision, but that may have something to do with the browser or flash player.

bullet hell or kinda hot sauce..yeah its good

This game is hard, which is good, but I think it is for the wrong reasons. Needs a bit of polish on ennemy waves or startup powerups. That whole time time slow-time freeze-invulnerability didn't make much sense either.

I enjoyed it still, been a while there wasn't any good space shooter, thanks.