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Reviews for "N-Dimensions"

This game is ALMOST perfect!

The concept of infinite dimensions is fine, you could add more "plot" to it, but that's ok.

The game mechanism is flawless, fine amount of enemies and powerups, no problem here.

The art is very simple, but that's a style we call "retro", nothing to blame here then.

Only thing that I disliked is the controls, there should be a mouse option (ship follows cursor), this would make everything more enjoyable, as many people, like me, have more confidence over this device. Or maybe allow you to edit the control settings, it kindapisses me off to have that "\" key between Z and Shift, lol.

Sound is amazing, specially the music, it merges you even more deeply into the game.

In general, you made one of my favorite games overall, good job!

VascoF responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

I usually prefer keyboard control for this type of game, since it feels more like you're in control of the ship. With the mouse the ship just follows the pointer, usually more slowly than the speed at which you move it, which is sometimes confusing. But I'll consider putting that as an option in the future.

Great game! If this was a full-on, story-involved, multi-level adventure, it would be an AMAZING game!

I feel like a lot of love was put into making this balanced, and the patterns subtle, but interesting.

The graphics are plain, but have enough interactivity/juiciness to feel very satisfying.

The soundtrack is great, too.

The controls aren't flawless, but they're close. (Flawless is hard to achieve with keyboard controls.) I think they're fine, honestly. Some hint of perfection is missing, however.

The upgrades are nifty and well-balanced.

The rewinds keep me from hating the thing for being so hard.

And yes, it's hard, but in the strangest way. The patterns don't appear difficult, but it's easy to make a mistake if you're careless.

Great job! :)

VascoF responds:

Thanks! I would love to make a bigger game based on this, maybe someday :)

the only thing harder than this game is my penis now that I have finished it

I want to print every sprite, background, animation and single digit of code from this game, use a blender to turn them into a fine dust and then snort it.

VascoF responds:

Hahaha :D

I like this kid of game, the retro feel and everything but it gets way to hard and I think there should be unlimited continues after beating a boss

I love this kind of old school arcade shooting but unfortunately for me i kinda suck at them. It was very nicely done and i had alot of fun playing 5 stars.