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Reviews for "Newgrounds Holiday Worm"

MERRY. . . err. . . Boxing Day, everyone.

Thank you, Mr. TOAS, for including me and for organizing this mammoth collab. Seeing the whole thing put together is pretty awesome. Kudos to everyone who participated!

Happy Holidays!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks Locke, it was a pleasure to include yours. You helped get the collab off to a fantastic start.
Merry Boxing Day!

Well, what can I say? I'm so glad to be reviewing this on Christmas and how it's Christmas related! Everyone did a fantastic job on this. I just loved seeing that little worm. I managed to get the two medals that I know how to get. I think this may have more credits and info than any other submission.

I counted 31. It reminds me of the Zoomquilt. I just like to learn about recursion. Why was that the one thing you never learned in math class when everything else was boring? Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful people!

So nice to see a lot of my faves artists here for a common project. A perfect christmas thanks to you.
Well done everyone and a huge "remerciements" to TurkeyOnAStick for allowing us to see such a collab.

This is definitely an entertaining collaboration with a plentiful number of talented artists involved. I enjoyed looking through the thread when you guys were working on this. Although I think all of the art were great in their own respective ways, I gotta say that my favorite was Aigis'. His contribution in my opinion was able to capture the childlike innocence that is what I think one of the very significant essences of Christmas. I really adore his style to be perfectly honest as it is a bit "childish" and very cute in a sense. I apologize to Aigis if I ever offend him. Haha. I also loved Test-Object's parts. Out of all of them I liked the train the most. It was cleverly executed to fuse along Cloudy's and Spags' pieces respectively. You have my respect and adoration Testy!

Anyway, this is just wonderful! I am almost jealous that I wasn't able to take part in such a festive collaboration. Kudos to each and every one of you beautiful, beautiful people. Especially to TOAS himself for putting together this whole thing. Haha. Certainly deserves a 5 out 5. Merry Christmas!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

If I can confess, Aigis' contribution is one of my faves too, especially because he's not a painter yet his water ripples are stunning in that.

Merry Christmas, fiddy.

Aw, no epic 'zero gravity' jump for this Worm, eh? :P

But seriously, dat colossal list of artistic talent is something that Newgrounds should cherish. It was fun to see the project develop on the Art Forum and I think the end product has been pulled off very stylishly: every piece of artwork connects creatively and cleverly.

I think Flowers10 and his work was the most entertaining for me: the 'shadow demon' emerging from near the fireplace was epic! The way Tapersteve's and Aigis's artworks were merged together was genius.

Troisnyx's loop completed the jingly Christmas theme, of course!

Again, a hearty 'Well Done' to all the artists, and may you all have a grand Christmas.

5 / 5

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Hahaha :) you too, hope you're having a grand Christmas.