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Reviews for "Newgrounds Holiday Worm"

TurkeyOnAStick, please ignore DoctorStrongbad's "feedback". I've seen this guy post crap like this on pretty much every game on the site with medals. He's obsessed with the meaningless points. I can't tell you how pleasing it is to see someone tell it like it is!
This game is awesome, and features lots of very talented people, as is clear from the exeptional art!
Great job :)

What an awesome idea for a collab! So much amazing art, and all of it seamlessly linked together too with suitable seasonal music to go with it. And medals! :D Having some trouble getting that 'Ruined Christmas' medal, but it looks like others are too (continually clicking on worm eyes eventually returns me to menu, not clicking worm eyes returns me to menu too...?). Anyway, great artworks; great idea!


This is an okay collab, but the secret medal was difficult to figure out. I have always hated secret medals. They are not cute or clever, just more work for the player.
Anyways, average game with average art.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

You honestly didn't earn that secret medal. You PMed every single member of the collab until someone told you ... and then you gave it 2 stars just because you found it difficult to obtain (lol).

Throw your toys out of the pram harder, child.

EDIT: the dumb thing is I told a guy 3 reviews below your's EXACTLY how to obtain it. In May.

great art. seems i'm 8 months late for this holiday art collab.
still, why can't i get the "christmas is ruined" medal?

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks, but I've left enough non-subtle hints for that particular medal in the review section. :)

real good friend. i like it. a new take on games. with the art work to make people take double takes and think a little. i like it.