Reviews for "SNATA"

I want the music!!!!

whileworking responds:

Kevin MacLeod - "Who Likes to Party" and "Long Stroll" :)

There is no way around the fact that I had to give all my 5s to you. From the moment I started playing, I just couldn't stop until I finished it. While overall I tend to prefer higher frame rate content, this actually felt exceptionally smooth, in great part due to how responsive controls are and proper hitboxes.

Good job. And please, SNATA has a whole world (or space, other dimensions, you name it) to explore.

Also, SNATA has been sending moose/elk to the void for unknown reasons. Is a backstory to this really necessary? Likely not due to the pure awesomeness that is its gameplay.

An awesome game with a great concept! I also love how the theme song is reminiscent of elevator music. But oh man that last level on the Level Pack is so hard! Anybody got any tips or tricks!? Please and thank you!

Awesome game 10/10 i beated the game yes! Merry christmas BTW its not impossible im not joking i finished every level!!! - 24 also the level pack is pretty good

LOVELY! I love the benign music combined with an 8-bit adventure of awesomeness. Keep it up!