Reviews for "SNATA"

Good game keep it up :)

SNATA...hahahah oh my god i can't stop laugh

Nice game, good for 5 minutes break. 5/5.

NIce game, smooth controls and elevator music works just fine :)

There is no way around the fact that I had to give all my 5s to you. From the moment I started playing, I just couldn't stop until I finished it. While overall I tend to prefer higher frame rate content, this actually felt exceptionally smooth, in great part due to how responsive controls are and proper hitboxes.

Good job. And please, SNATA has a whole world (or space, other dimensions, you name it) to explore.

Also, SNATA has been sending moose/elk to the void for unknown reasons. Is a backstory to this really necessary? Likely not due to the pure awesomeness that is its gameplay.