Reviews for "SNATA"

cool mechanics but not so creative levels

I hadn't seen this concept before, honestly. Reminds me a bit of the big Gnorc with a balloon in original Spyro. It starts to getting annoying towards the end; which gives me the feeling that you (a) didn't ramp the difficulty up fast enough and (b) ran out of ideas and/or didn't want to bother with other features. At least you had the decency to stop before getting to annoying, though instead of an ending we get a single gag and an epilepsy-inducing invitation to play more game on your website.

Still it's a unique concept, good art, and it works well. I hope to see it expanded better than this.

Tight controls, but repetitive and not challenging.

you called it snata (santa) because sprites are xmas related but game itself has nothing to do, not even the music.
Completed the levels and show "intervention", no end, just click to go to your web

Very nice game! So fun seeing Santa jump and acting very ninja-action style.

Anyways, in my opinion, a Level Editor would be great! Any why not? Having a DataBase where we can submit and see other player's levels?