Reviews for "SNATA"

Incredibly tight controls. Very well made.

The only downside is that using UP for jump was an extremely poor decision.
I seriously hate when platformers do that.

Simple idea, intuitive controls, addicting gameplay and perfect maneuverability on all levels. It's a both minimalistic and extensive game, not too long to play through; not too short either. I just wish it had medals, that'd be a great Christmas present. :P Nice work!


This is a very well made game. The point of each level is to help "Snata" explode all the bombs in the area and reach the provided exit, which is repetitive yet interesting. The pixel art is crisp and simplified, the objective of each level is fun to complete, and the music fits the feel of the game.

The pixel art was created well, it was simple and appealing. It was evened out and didn't have any strange looking parts.

The objective of each level is to destroy all of the bombs and reach the exit of the level, as I said earlier. I found jumping on the bombs and spinning in the air very entertaining. Once all bombs are destroyed, simply find the exit and you've completed the level.

The music of the game is quiet and peaceful, which fits the game well. There's no exciting overwhelming parts. The background of each level is a uniform black, and everything about the appearance of everything fits the song.

This game is very well made and deserves 5/5 stars.

REALLY LIKE IT!!! but why mooses?

Extremely repetitive, bland for this reason ...