Reviews for "R-Evolution v1.2"

Lol nice video

This is fantastic! It's nice to see something different too. Keep up the good work and the animation looks amazing.

FatboySlim RIght Here RIght now????

Whoa, nice animation here!
Matter cannot be either created nor destroyed...
I really dig the style you've created here, and the message is also pretty intriguing.
I will definitely be adding this to my favorites.
Great work man!

I wonder how many religious nuts out there were offended by this. Come on religious people, you do realize religion is the main causes for wars since the beginning of time, right? Beliefs cause nothing but problems, which is why I choose not to believe in anything I can't see and touch.

Good animation and work, I thought it would be cooler if the final atom turned into some kind of beingof pure energy or something though.