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Reviews for "The Calculatron"

Horrible animation yet it was funny

what hell hell did i just watch??????? it was good yes but still

ManimeInfinite responds:

The fight of the century between a cybernetic organism and a 12 year old male.

well, well, well. this is something you dont see every day XD semi naked calculatron who tries to kill the tallest and buffest twelve year old i have ever seen. cuts of his arm and exposes one of his ribs, yet is defeated by a blast attack even after he has exposed his "hidden" weapon. XD

pros: you finished the animation, there is a story that is understandable. tihngs make sense as far as body positions and proportions. you synced things to the music pretty well. good sense of muscle anatomy (this is coming from a guy who does the buffest stick figures on the internet :P)

cons: there needs to be more fluidity between frames. in the fighting scene with the rapid movements, dont be afraid to slow down the pace on some of those attacks. there needs to be a rhythm to the fight. your perspective needs work. both in the characters when runing towards the screen or your backgrounds. the destroyed buildings are flat, there is no depth to them, since your goal was to play around with angles, that would had really boosted quality.

last thing, i really like the little hat tip to newgrounds both in the butt-cheek and on the "father"s"(?) belt

good job.

just because of the good taste

Good shit!