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Reviews for "The Calculatron"

Wow, that was probably the most homoerotic flash animation I've ever seen on Newgrounds.


Of course you won't expect a 12-year old boy to be a protagonist. He is from another race that why he is 12-years old.I know other people says that the animation is bad but i think its funny.I laughed at how they ran.The Caculatron is a great short video that show to not underestimate the power that a kid holds.Calculatron expects the guy to be 87.Wow.............................

This was great; I loved it. It's rated too low. I mean, the calculator head is a bit pretentious, but it's always good to see a well thought-out penis fight. The music fits the whole thing, and it's synched well indeed. I would usually find this kind of music extremely irritating in a video, but I didn't, which says great job I think.

12 years old and that well endowed? dafuq he hit puberty 6? song ok. a lil too high on the tone for me. story...uh ok. how did this calculator become sentient and obtain a mans body?

ManimeInfinite responds:

The Calculatron was the renegade creation of a joint Military program between the governments of Japan and the Untied States, the goal was to create a mechanical super soldier. Somehow the Calculatron escaped, destroyed it's creators, and devastated the world by purging humanity, that is until it met our 12 year old protagonist.

Ummm well uh...

What the hell did I just? Okay I will admit I'm baffled I just watched. So it''s a calculator attatched to a manly body beating the crap out of some anime guy? I mean the animation was kinda choppy but the fact I just saw a calculator mans body use his penis as a lazer gun was just....fuck that's promising. Either way I suppose it was worth my time.