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Reviews for "The Calculatron"

Quite a flash my good chap, although more frames would have been nice you got your point across. i personally tought the ass tattoo was funny as was the dong cannon and i think the calculation may become one of my favorite characters.


This is hard not to like. I agree with another review that some extra frames in between some of the walking/fighting would have added even more to the details you had and created some more hilarity, but definitely would've added a lot more work for you as you mentioned. However, I couldn't help but find myself laughing at how ridiculous it eventually became.

p.s. People should be less afraid of dicks if they have their own.

This is really gay. I don't mean that as a deragotory slur against homosexuals, I mean that Freud would have a few things to say about this video and your penis gun of last resort that fails and breaks off.

At first seeing this flash I was not... satisfied with my viewing, but I came to watch it again because I was just curious. I continued to watch it pretty much once a day. I gave it a chance it grew on me, I really like the style although I did not at first. I was not offended like the rest of the people here with the dick cannon, it reminds me of an old western where they would thrust their hips and fire a pistol, was probably a comedy but i digress.

Really good work here, you really got my interest the first time even though I didn't really try to enjoy it. 5/5