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Reviews for "The Calculatron"

While a neat Vid the only thought on my mind after it ended was Dafuq did I just watch?

This has gayness all over it, man.But I won't judge any sexual preferences.Nice style tough.

Good music, concept and animation, i like when people make things like this it is why i come to newgrounds, it is good that you are diligent but dont work too hard i'd rather you have fun doing this. I liked the robot scan describing him as a weeaboo, that was funny though it is a bit weird that it says he is 12 when he looks tall and muscular but it is difficult to take this too seriously.

nope, 12 year old boy. Funny, do you actually view yourself this way? I was only able to stand watching about a minute of it, I noticed you put a lot of emphasis on the character's package as well as labeling the 12 year old boy as "not gay"... I dunno buddy, not a very convincing argument there.

Hahahah thats a really tall and muscular 12 years old boy.
It was entretaining and funny at the same time. Good Job

ManimeInfinite responds:

12 year old man**