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Reviews for "The Calculatron"

Cool music and ok animation though was a bit sloppy however...this was nothing more than dbz parody with gay dudes fighting. You cant tell me this was just random for you, it's so obvously it's the last fight with cell with gohan when his arm gets crippled. This isn't original and has been done many times.

I will give you the music is cool but that I'm pretty sure isn't yours either. Congrats on getting front page but this hardly is great original work which I think should be whats on front page not some parody unless done is such a great way that it deserves a spot light.

You have potential just dont give up, I just hope you dont go the every flash you make has to highlight the penis off a character for me that will just be a turn off and wont bother watching your stuff anymore. Good luck!

ManimeInfinite responds:

Because I have one scene that is an homage to DBZ I am a plagiarist? Not to mention I accredited the author of the music (sirsurius). Nothing is original because artists draw inspiration from other artists, just like how there is always a game grumps animation on the front page, than again I don't expect you to understand the subtleties of my work.

Though the animation is a little edgy, the conecpt of trying to synch it with the song is a nice idea credits for that! Keep up the work, I think you've got some talent.

PS: The Penis-Gun-Thingy of the Calculatron was totally funny. Didn't expect something like that to happen.

am i the only one who noticed the guy fighting calculatron seemed to have a boner the entire time?

I enjoyed how it appealed to my gay side.

ManimeInfinite responds:

Which side is that?

This was your first animation? Great job man, keep at it and im sure you'll be a consistent frontpager. I would also like to note that there is absolutley nothing that screams NEWGROUNDS more then a dick lazer, way to know your audience!

ManimeInfinite responds:

Thank you for your kind words, I made stuff before but I consider this to be a new threshold that all my future animations will aim to surpass. I mean why else would a robot hellbent on world domination be wearing pants unless he was hiding a dick lazer under there?