Reviews for "Hospital Trash"

I actually really liked this game when it first came out; very creative and funny take on the cookie-clicker style of games (which for some reason I obsess over all the time), and I started thinking about it the other day and wanted to play it again. I had fun looking at the 'News' on the side, I was just disappointed that there wasn't more variety of little stories. The art is kind of silly, but perfectly suited the setting. I just felt there should've been more news stories, and I also thought the sound effects sounded cheap, and didn't actually sound gross enough for what you were doing; that noise does not make me think of human body parts.

But, it's done very well, and I hope that the developer does something this unique and funny in the future.

Also, on a side note, no matter how many times I played this, I never even got close to beating it (I got around 100k). Looking at the other reviews, a lot of people talked about easy it was, but, I don't understand how they could've gotten such a high score.

Good quick clicker game, with a unique premise.

24,762,658 score 2nd try.

Way too easy!

As a hardcore cookie clicker and heroclicker and all kinds of clickers veteran.
I ended this game with around 30M.

Yep. It's another Cookie Clicker... with a time limit.

Honestly, it felt like I was cheating, considering how I've effectively got two left mouse buttons (using a laptop with a built-in touchpad as well as an external mouse), but I'd gotten up to $20m no sweat on the first try. I was actually more worried I'd overspend on upgrades trying to bolster that score even more.

One thing I'd suggest is a way to either make your payment early and end the game there, or set aside the cash you need for the surgery just so that you can't spend it.

i give up i almost made it arrrghh >:( 200,000, more maybe someday.........