Reviews for "Hospital Trash"

I commend the idea behind this and you for coming up with it but i found the game play to be lacking,mostly in the seemingly inability to make anywhere near enough money and even if i had enough there is no way to know unless you either remember how much you need or write it down. I did notice that when you buy the mask it does not make it any easier to get the body parts since you still get them one per click. If it does something else and i missed it im sorry but did not have time to notice which is another thing,why even have text about how much you make selling the body parts when you lose time if you read it?

11,232,611... Am I the first one to do this? Lol

you more time.

Is the fact that the body part price didn't reset after retrying a feature or a bug? Made it a lot easier, but it was kinda hard anyway...

That was pretty good, altough a bit short and not many extras were to buy in the shop.