Reviews for "Hospital Trash"

Great Game, original concept, but... when you play through a second time, the amount of money you get from the soap factory doesnt reset.

finefin responds:

oh. thanks for reporting that bug.
this game was made in about 16 hours during the last ludum dare weekend, so bugs like these can happen... I'm looking to the code right now and will upload a fixed version soon.

Its laggy making me unable to finish the game

finefin responds:

well, slow machines tend to be slow with graphics rendering...
I have not built in "quality"-settings (yet), but you can use the flash player's right-click-menu to set a quality level that works for you.


Second try at it. It's not bad by no means. Pretty good game.


Go for both the axes and the surgical masks. The multipliers add up.

12,259,745. First try. It's not hard, just have to work your way up and get axes. Simple, short and sweet. I wasn't blown away but no complaints. Maybe give some info as to what the items do BEFORE you buy them instead of after. Otherwise well done.

finefin responds:

thank you.
yes, if we had more time, we would have worked more on usability etc.
but we had no more time so this is the result ;)