Reviews for "Hospital Trash"

Success!!! :D Got it on my second try. I don't know what these "fast clicking programs" are, but I was able to just barely win with 10,110,752 all by myself. It's a nice looking game and I had fun. Downside is my hand hurts from all that clicking. Good job!

i really liked it but... i wasn't able to finish it
it's just a little hard. i like simple well-made games.

but still a nice game !

Good game

This was a very fun and actually logically challenging game! Probably my favorite of the Ludum Dares this time around!

Great job!

Good: Nice Hand-drawn art.

Bad: Umm, this is a game about mashing the mouse button and nothing else. o_o; And this has been done before; and it's actually really hard at this non-unique skill.

Good: I suppose there is some strategy to choosing which upgrades to get and when to stop by the timelimit.

Bad: I'm not sure it's actually possible? And the game doesn't tell you what the upgrades do until you've bought them once.

Sorry, I entered Ludum Dare too, but I can't rate this highly on anything other than art.