Reviews for "Urban Vibe"

woah i like this style :) i could actually see this playing live on stage in my mind lol..

ADR3-N responds:

Glad I'm doing something right. I might start bringing the trombone into my dnb for some weird breaks :P

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I love the vibe here, it feels like you can listen to it on repeat. It's just a single wave of emotion and mood, it doesn't feel repetitive to me although it is something that could be listened to while driving or doing something else, like browsing the internet, etc.

ADR3-N responds:

Ah, that was the idea -- easy listening. Glad you liked it!

Right. I don't doubt you worked hard on this -- as a live instrumentalist myself, the last thing I'd want to do to anyone is start raining on anyone's parade for any reason whatsoever. I know you took time to record a lot of this, and every credit to you on that.

I've listened to pretty much the whole thing. I like the feel when it starts out, and I do like the chord progression when it starts out.....

The keywords here are "when it starts out."

Because the whole thing gets awfully repetitive. The percussions (i.e. the beatboxing) were the main point of interest for me, and they were interesting enough for me to keep listening. The odd trombone notes were, too. Sometimes they were just thrown into the piece to create discord -- and I can get the whole idea of using this in a dystopian setting. But as trailer music, it feels... trite after a while. The chords are repetitive, there is a motif in there that is overly repetitive as well, and there isn't much buildup, as in anything to flesh out the piece even further as it unfolds with time.

I mean, seriously -- walking through a concrete jungle need not be monotonous.

I have no complaints about mixing, everything has its proper place.


ADR3-N responds:

Thanks for the feedback. This was actually a quick piece, with lots of sample holding as I went through it, just kind of seeing what I could produce with the equipment I had. Glad you took the time to call me out and leave some pointers. :)

I liked this one more, but that kick is way too busy for such a chill track, it's also way too dry. I'd try some variation, and work on the percussion, otherwise I'd remove the kick entirely and make it a short loop. Not bad though.


ADR3-N responds:

I was thinking I might redo this and push the kick into the background. Only problem is, the kick is actually the bassline. A lot of experimenting going on basically. I'm glad I got at least a few things right though.

nice nice morph