Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

This is one of the best games I've ever played, some people don't seem to understand that this game is SUPPOSED to be unfair, difficult or boring. You are given a disability and you have to deal with it because that's how life is. You can't decide what your problems will be in life, you can only decide to get through them or give up, just like in this game.

This a intresseting plattform experience. Unlike the regular plattformers where you only have to "jump" and "make it to the finish", this game takes a hole new level. You have to control your character and make sure he doesn't "kill himself". I understand the dude. I would never dare to jump over brick to brick with the risk of die in "hot lava". A true "Unfair Plattformer" it is! Good work sir! :)

Cathartic responses! Cathartic responses everywhere! This game made me feel ashamed that I criticize others because of their disabilities. I am reminded that they too are human. In a way, this game helped me to become a better man. Thanks Cory! Spectacular game.

hey how do u change disablitys?

Most of you guys are complaining the game is too hard.
That is the point. Living with certain disabilities can be rough, and not a walk in the park.
Also, for the one who complained about getting stuck on a platform with no one to transport you, you probably talked to the wrong guy who purposely put you there. It's all about trial and error.
To the person who complained about the Spastic disability, of course it's going to be a game of Russian Roulette, people who have that type of disability are going to have attacks that will cause them to hurt themselves, the creator even made that disability a bit easier to cope with by adding in a cue for when the character is about to move by himself.
Overall, this game is well made, at least to me and I hope to see more like this.
You have to look deeper into the point of this game and not complain about the difficulty.