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Reviews for "Amazing Escape the North "

Loved it!

Is it.... yes Rudolph!!! I always believed he was real. lol
Good one!
For a north pole christmas game I expected some kind of christmasy music... shot down on that. oh well.
Clue were good, tho I past over the snowmans arm... so cruel to steal it from him.
An Arm stealing Game Stalker

Another fun escape game, this time in a cold polar setting! As with all other twists in this series of one-game escape games, it feels like things are really inspired by the ones of the past/future, but it's fun seeing how things have changed. The live counter in this one really motivates you to speed up, though it almost gets too stressing sometimes. Nice work!


the last scene of the game reminds me of ur other game that u made

awesome game :D