Reviews for "0RBITALIS"

This is awsome, excactly what I expect from a gravity game. This is probably the best of them.
So pleeeease - make more levels :) (But maybe not in the fashion of "Gamma Polaris" - I understand the last level needed to be hard, but it was more of a dull trying to hit a perfect angle)

AlanZucconi responds:

I am hehe! :p So far I'm working on a bunch of new elements, including comets and pulsars! :p Ohh... EVIL PULSARS! :D

Other than the last level, great fun!

Extremely cool, love it!

I had a rare thing happen to me... I'm not sure if it was good or bad ;-; I shot it, and the thing SOMEHOW WENT IN TO 100% PERFECT ORBIT... IT KEPT GOING IN THE EXACT SAME CIRCLE FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS... The only reason it stopped was because I actually had to restart the whole game... I have never felt so lucky, and yet so pissed in my whole life..

AlanZucconi responds:

Hahhaha! :-) I designed some levels using masses and distances of real solar systems. Those levels are incredibly stable... *_* ...I bet your orbit could have lasted for...ever!? :p

Anyway, the full version of 0RBITALIS allows you to share images and scores of your best orbits on Facebook! :p Have a look at it if you want! :-p


5 stars hands down i love this game, the creativity is so well drawn out in every level you are providing the player with different paths to gain the goal.