Reviews for "0RBITALIS"

Damnit Kerbal Space Program, you didn't train me for this!

Very fun and addictive game with a nice minimal design. Great for astronomy fans to see if your favorite star system makes an appearance.

AlanZucconi responds:

Thank you! :D I tried to use names of real systems with some similarities to the level I was making! But it becomes harder and harder as soon as you get anti gravity planets hehe! :p

What if it just loops? How to pass to another level?

AlanZucconi responds:

You can [CLICK] and it will go to the next level! :-)

A 4/5 from me. The game is addicting via simplicity. The goal, gameplay and design is so simple, that it's fun. I could play this for hours without getting bored.
The reason why it's not a 5/5 is because it lacks variety. Would be cool to have things like random asteroids, or asteroid belts and such. It's just stars, planets bigger stars, bigger planets and so on.
All in all, great game. I hope to see more from you.

AlanZucconi responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I made the game for Ludum Dare, so this is as far I could get in 48 hours! :-) I am definitely going to add not only new levels, but also new gameplay elements. :p Fingers crossed, I might be able to do it before January hehe! :)

Well, this is one of the most bizarre games I have ever come across. I guess I would need to see a walkthrough to understand it. What can I say? I do recommend it because I want other people to try to understand it. I really have no clue at all what's going on. Can you even go to the next level in any way possibe?

I still give you credit for making something quite creative. It really is original. Too bad I can't get ahead in this. The sounds are quite omnious. I think it would have worked better as a horror game.

The fun part of the game isn't surviving the minimum amount to finish the level, but seeing if you can create semi-permanent orbits that last hundreds of rotations.

This is an excellent base for a game, but as of now is a really spiffy engine tech demo. Adding space naval warware on top of this would probably be a commercial product.