Reviews for "0RBITALIS"

The only bad thing I can talk about is the music. Where's the music?

AlanZucconi responds:

This game was an entry to LD48! :-)
So it was make in 48 hours hehe! ;p

I am working on a new version that I'll upload after Ludum Dare! :)

Very cool. Almost seems more like a toy than a game, but obviously there are levels to beat so it's a game. Really entertaining, although it involves a lot of guessing, you can figure out how to almost predict the orbit. Gets kinda repetitive, but what do you expect from a game made in 48 hours. Good Job.

Very engaging and well-polished game. Good replay value!

Other than the last level, great fun!

cool. sort of a physics game. i wish maybe it could have more sattelites