Reviews for "0RBITALIS"

It's just awesome, and when you get an "infinite" loop the coolest thing is the draw it gets at the end xD

Both the worst game & the best "somethin' else" ever. 5 for me

Love this game! I would love to see the maths behind this though!

5/5 nice simple yet complex game.

AlanZucconi responds:

The Maths is actually surprisingly easy. I am just using Newton's laws. Orbitalises are attracted to planets with G*planet_mass/distance^2. :p That's it: all the rest is a "just" consequence! :D

Quite original but to easy and at the beginnig i had no idea what to do.

really good, i think i invented perpetual motion in canis majoris wich is why im giving it 5 stars, needs some sort of story to be a full fledged game. Great as a little indie though! :D