Reviews for "0RBITALIS"

I had a rare thing happen to me... I'm not sure if it was good or bad ;-; I shot it, and the thing SOMEHOW WENT IN TO 100% PERFECT ORBIT... IT KEPT GOING IN THE EXACT SAME CIRCLE FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS... The only reason it stopped was because I actually had to restart the whole game... I have never felt so lucky, and yet so pissed in my whole life..

AlanZucconi responds:

Hahhaha! :-) I designed some levels using masses and distances of real solar systems. Those levels are incredibly stable... *_* ...I bet your orbit could have lasted for...ever!? :p

Anyway, the full version of 0RBITALIS allows you to share images and scores of your best orbits on Facebook! :p Have a look at it if you want! :-p


Good game has great potential I did not enjoy it however idk why.

This is a fun and addictive game, its a nice little game but would benefit from more score element things.

Needs some point system or extras. Like if you stay twice the time you get something. But it is very playable and overall great. It stayed like 4 minutes. XD


Needs a level selection screen, so you can replay old levels and try to get better orbit times