Reviews for "0RBITALIS"

Very interesting puzzle game. Also very fun. i finished all of the levels. It is indeed difficult, but that doesnt matter with this quality. One thing: you should add some instructions. I didnt even know how to play in the beginning, and i all found it a bit confusing. But you made me so interested, i HAD to keep playing. Good job!

Very Very fun this game makes u think and its fun keep up the good work

Hands down 5 stars. Very difficult, especially the last stage, and the introduction of anti-gravity is a nice twist. Although some instructions would have been nice before I figured out blue is negative gravity.
Maybe you could make a version with some sort of plotline too?

5 stars hands down i love this game, the creativity is so well drawn out in every level you are providing the player with different paths to gain the goal.

i love it also i wen't in a infinite shape...like infinintly xD.