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Reviews for "You Have One Box"

Too hard to control the box the sensitivity is awful and when i have the move the box fast because my mouse drops off the box the box falls meaning i have to grab it again, good idea but absolutely terrible game.

Terrible art. Terrible music. Terrible level design. It's so bad it's... kind of charming.

Anyway, not bad for a Ludum Dare game.

I was pretty impressed by this game. I will say it wasn't the best the Ludum Dare 28 had to offer, but still decent. I like how complicated it can get even though the graphics are simple. This shows you can make something good in this short a time. The most annoying part is how you have to control him when he's on the box.

You really have to bring the box up on the exact level. While the design was simple, it was still quite nice. I think the music is pretty cool too. It's all around good game. My favorite is the level t all the blue buttons.

I'd like to be able to comment on the game as a whole, but I couldn't get past level 9. While I'm sure I could have beaten it with a mouse, I was using a touchpad and it was damn near impossible. I don't wanna hold that against the game though, as that problem was on my end. However, the music really drove me nuts. The mute button is a blessing. The most frustrating part had to be the box being let go without me actually letting go of it. It happened a LOT.

I didn't think the game was bad at all, but I've played better. Great job for something done in such a short amount of time.

Its pretty fun, like the simple idea. the music is a little repetitive but this was for ludumedare so i understand, overall a decent game.