Reviews for "You Have One Box"

Short, but funny game. 4/5 ;]

alright game a bit simple minded my biggest complaints are on the last level where it isn't even skill its just being bale to perfectly round the corners and not get stuck on them.... its an easy to figure level but because when you cursor goes off the edge you auto drop the box or because the rounding corner mechanic is... awful it becomes frustrating.... i had a perfect game my first go through slow and steady but then that level took me multiple tries because the click and drag is kinda an inefficient method
wasn't a bad puzzle game but fairly easy and short
but again 48 hours this was good so you get the 4 stars for making it in time with a completed game that is both reasonable and moderately time consuming

I think I'l be hearing this music sounding in my head the next time I'm sick in bed with high fever.

Idk why this has such a low rating, loooooved it!

Yay I won this hard puzzle game, this was pretty nice,
but there should be different Christmas songs, and the death of the crate should break not disappear