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Reviews for "You Only Get One Face"

trophies don't work :(

won't let me do the anchor! :(

great game !!

I like this game a lot more than I expected I would. The interface is well laid out, the controls are smooth are responsive, and the game doesn't act buggy or glitchy (although I have found a bug?, the gameplay is smooth), the game isn't too nit-picky about player accuracy, and the music is fun.
The only problem I've found so far, I tried a Charlie Chaplin moustache, and after submitting it, I got booed, and then the game would allow me to continue to style and undo, but it would no longer allow to me to be submit, so I'll have to reload the game.
After coming here to comment, I found another person with a similar issue, but I believe the style he tried is probably much like the one I did, so I don't know if the problem is more general (any unlisted style), or just that particular Chapman/Hitler style.
Other than that one issue, though, the game is great, and I can't wait to check out your other work. Oh, I almost forgot, Thank you for sharing your time and talent to give us this game.

Good game BUT I tried Hitler's mustache and first game hoot me and I can't reset beard and I refreshed the game and tried again hitler's mustache so.. ''nutin' to see here...'' ?

I don't like/hate or line up with Hitler but Hitler's mustache is a cliche and fun factor.

I think there should have been Hitler..