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Reviews for "Ducktalez 7"

This is fantastic!!

At first I wasn't so sure what I was getting myself into, but I stayed for the whole ride and loved it.

The story is amazing, entertaining, and overall makes sense even for a fusion of stories/characters.

Everything works really well.

Also the characters are all perfectly perfect and really matter. They all have personalities and it is great.

100/10 I love this. I'm guessing you put a lot of effort into these, because it shows.


What Wegra said.

This is...this is...just...wow. With the Ducktales crew looking like South Park in 3D and the outrageously fanfic-y elements of plot development, this should be terrible. Yet, it's somehow the greatest thing I have ever watched on any screen anywhere ever. Ridiculously-well-animated Vegeta takes the cake, making this The Amazing World of Gumball for adults on crack. Delicious, delicious crack.

I applaud you until my hands hurt for this not only for your time and dedication, but for once again proving that while gorgeous art can't completely gloss over a sub-par script, excellent writing and character development can tie together the most WTF visual presentation and make it one of the most rewatchable LOLzy things ever. EVAR.

I'd also like to note that the use of Arnold even perhaps unintentionally homages early net animutation, making this not only a solid piece of its day, but a harking back to nostalgic, classic flash movies. Solid gold, amigo. That's what you've made. Be proud of it. (Though, I'm sure you are, since the awesomeness has not been lost on most viewers!)

Darn you, Newgrounds, this isn't five stars. This is at least ten stars -- yes, ten stars out of five. Up to Eleven. Brilliant. Amazing. Subversive. Incredible. Goshdarn 'artsy fartsy'. Just...wow. Just wow.

The WTF bastardization of copyrighted characters that started years ago continues in a half hour CG masterpiece. I can now die happy.

Its Suprising How You Turn A Crappy Movie To Something Enjoyable.

Amazingly funny, keep up the good work and i hope to more.