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Reviews for "Ducktalez 7"

That... that was...
The most amazing 30 minutes of my life, I can barely watch 30 minute television show anymore, but being able to watch through all this just shows how amazing this was. All the jokes were well thought-out and witty, the animation was amazing, and I thought the voice acting was very good.

I didn't think I'd be able to watch through this whole entire thing, I'd never seen any other previous episodes of this, but I can assure you that you've caught my attention and I will be watching more of the things that you make in the future, my friend.

Good luck on future projects.

Words cannot describe how AMAZING this flash was. At first I was like "35 minutes long? Aww man..." But I'm glad I watched the whole thing. It was like Disney + Dragonball Z + South Park. I loved the humor in this... the references also made me lose it, too. Like with the whole Wallace Wells shouting "Fight!" part... oh, man I knew that part was coming, but it was showing actual footage of the movie that made me laugh pretty hard. You are amazing at what you do. Please don't stop making these!


Dude, I couldn't have enjoyed this anymore than I already did. I won't lie, normally crossovers tend to be lackluster but my god you're writing and jokes made this worth watching. Everything was really well-written and just hilarious. I loved Vegeta's many jokes as he made me laugh the most. The animation seems to have improved quite significantly on the characters like Dr.Who and even Vegeta himself as he seemed the most animated. The trip out scene was hilarious, too.

I dunno what to say, the jokes, the references, the cameo appearances by many character even Sonic, Tails and Robotnik on the slot machines all really entertained me.

This gets a well deserved 5 stars.

Keep making awesome content.

10/5 IGN. This is ridiculously the best thing ever.

Forever 5/5