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Reviews for "Ducktalez 7"

Imagination, storyline, Everything is just so awesome!! Especially the Vegeta's animation! I'ts just so well made!! I remember when i watched DucktaleZ it was the best animation i watched for a long time back in that year. But now you're back! Thank you for coming back and making this epic animation! It's just so good to see you improve incredibly! Especially in Vegeta's animation!

I have never found something that was soooo stupid (but hilarious) before that had this much effort put into it. Seriously, it's really surprising that something like this had hollywood effort put into it. I applaud you sir for your ...interesting match-up of scrooge and vegeta.

Amazing series, I hope Vegeta comes back. It was super funny and touching at the same time. I hope this series continues ^_^.

I think I've neer seen anything that has been made with this much effort and this long but by so few people.
I was literally amazed the whole time, and that isnt something easy to do.

I tip my hat (if I had one) to you sir.

I'll say it again, this is amazing.

This one is in my heart, just like the other movies that makes my cry.
Love your series. From the small MS Paint movies, to full 3D
half-hour films.
Great work, sir. Great work.