Reviews for "Dreams of War"

Please Can I Make a Percussion edit (basically adding drums)

What BPM is it?


Stadler responds:

Sure, that would be cool! I can't remember the BPM, as it may actually change throughout the song if I recall correctly. Unfortunately the project file is on a broken laptop. Wish I could be more helpful!

Beautiful song! It would make a GREAT song on Geometry Dash. This song also would belong in a game like Halo or Destiny. Great job! :D

Stadler responds:

Thank you, RoastinToastin! It's always cool to see where my music can fit into other projects. Geometry Dash is an awesome platform for artists here. Kind of a win/win in my opinion.

I appreciate the kind review! - Stadler

I do really like dubstep electrnic music like this but I somehow forgot how amazing this type of genre was. I looped this song for 5 hours while working today. :)
This song is added to my top 10 fav songs of all time! :D (really hard to get in my top 10 since I have a lot fav songs :P)
But all in all the song is amazing! :D

Stadler responds:

I appreciate the awesome review! Glad this one was an eye-opener for you. The "cinematic/classical" genre is still very new to me. It means a lot that it's one of your favorite songs now; a LOT of effort was put into this!

Thanks so much, DestructiveDonut! :)

Really nice. It sounds pretty cool.

Stadler responds:


First off, I would like to preface this by saying that music usually does not affect me the way that these three pieces have affected me so profoundly. I suppose the reason why music fails to provoke emotional responses in me–I know that many people look back on memories, be they good or bad–when they listen to certain music–could be due to a number of things that have happened in my life that some may say have, for lack of a better word, "killed" my emotions and due to that it has made me an aloof and somewhat cold individual.

Having said that, I first want to offer you extreme congratulations for doing something that very few musical pieces due to me: that is giving me some sort of emotional response. I listened to all three of the music tracks that were in this series–all three of them were exemplary works of fine musical art and talent and for that I applaud you wholeheartedly.

If you do not mind reading a rather lengthy review, I would like to go into detail as to what I felt and thought when I heard these three pieces.

Track one: The Quest–This piece is absolutely amazing and this is the kind of music I would expect to hear at the beginning of an epic fantasy action adventure movie–somewhat along the lines of the Lord of the Rings. It may just be me, but at the beginning of this piece I swear I heard what sounds like a sword being drawn from its sheath. That right there sets the tone for the entire piece an epic musical journey that–please excuse me for saying this–grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until the final note.

In my mind's eye I see the vision of the Hero getting ready to head to war, to stem a vicious tide of bloodthirsty invaders, a horde that no human army could hope to defeat; yet he rallies his troops and they head off to what they fear will mean their certain death…but they are willing to die for their Warrior King and their kingdom and take as many of these unholy abominations with them before their last breath.

Track two: Ruined World–In this piece, I see the Hero and his men–who have suffered heavy losses–roaming through the broken, battered, dead and dying bodies strewn about the field of battle. The Hero comes across a dying monster, taking his last week breaths, the Hero pauses, draws his sword, and places the point at the monster's throat. "Allow me to ease your passing from this world, creature." He says as he draws his blade back. "You can kill me," the monster rasps, "you can kill all of us here today in this battle…" The monster's body convulses and he coughs up thick, black blood. "But you will never stop the tide of death that is heading for your home." And the monster breathes his last.

Suddenly realizing that this entire "battle" was a diversion to draw him and his men away from their kingdom, leaving it virtually unguarded, he races to his steed, calls out to his men to ride to their kingdom with all haste…

Sadly, they are too late. Their city, their homes, their families all dead. Houses burned, women and children slaughtered, their blood staining the roads and the walls; unholy symbols of death and destruction painted in that very blood. The Hero rushes to the palace, where his Queen, who was with their first child, resided. Inside he finds all of his guards dead; he follows the trail of blood and corpses through the halls and finally comes to a stop at the large wooden doors that lead to his chamber. As he enters, his worst fears are confirmed, there on the floor lay his Queen a savage sword thrust through her heart and one through her stomach. He sinks to his knees and with the last notes we hear his anguished cry, and a whispered promise: "They will pay."

Track three: Dreams of War–In this final track, I see the final confrontation between our Hero and the Main Villain, a man or a monster that unleashed his inhuman warriors upon his kingdom. Before battle our Hero prepares himself; casting off the armor and discarding the sword that bears his coat of arms, he heads high into the mountains, to a long thought "lost" tribe of barbarians.

There, he approaches their chieftain, a man that owes him a life debt for saving his life many years ago. "I have come to collect what you owe me, chieftain." He says as he confidently strides into the royal chamber inside a large wooden structure.The chieftain's eyes light up as he realizes who stands before him. "I know why you are here, my friend, the seers foretold of your arrival; my blacksmiths have already begun their work on the axe and the armor of that you will use against the evil one that has taken so much from you."

Just a day after his arrival, his magical weapon and enchanted armor is completed. He mounts his steed, which has also been outfitted in enchanted armor and mystical horseshoes that will allow him to travel the sky as easily as he would travel across the land. Bidding farewell to the chieftain and thanking him for his assistance, our Hero sets off, his steed blazing across the sky faster than the wind can blow.

The final battle is long and intense, the Hero and the Villain each gaining an advantage, the tide shifting from one man to another as their battle rages. Finally, with a final attack, our Hero strikes down the Villain, splitting his head in two with his magical axe.

The hero then slumps to his knees, during their battle, he was mortally wounded. The enchantments that strengthened his armor had slowly eroded as he fought through the legions guarding their dark master. As his life slowly ebbs away, our hero smiles as a golden light shines down upon him, and the image of his dear Queen, holding their infant son, appears before him. "Take your rest, my love, your battle is over."

As his the physical body falls to the ground his spiritual form rises, strides over to his Queen and his son and their spectral images fade away.

I am heartily sorry for how long this review is, and I hope I did not bore you with it. If you have read this far, I give you my deepest thanks, being an aspiring writer, I can get a bit long-winded and sometimes I do not know when to stop.

I will end this review by saying that you have an amazing gift and I thank you for sharing it with all of Newgrounds. I will most certainly keep my eye out for new musical pieces that you create and post. All my best to you.

Stadler responds:

Apologies for the late response, RogueDragonKnight!

I really enjoyed your writing and interpretation of these songs. Many bits were very accurate as to what I was going for. Glad I could create such a vision for you!

This is most definitely the longest review I've received here, haha. It was great to read though, and extremely appreciated. It's reviews like this that really keep me motivated for the next song, so thank you for that.

Keep up the good writing, and check back in the next month or so for the next song in this series!

Thanks! - Stadler