Reviews for "{Big Boss}"

Offical Song of Portal Raves

Your music is awesome, and this song was perfect for the final scene in my movie (where there is a "rave domination dream", Newgrounds gets turned into a Dance Club).


this is awesome

you make great music

a great title by CNB!

i just jove the drums you did! fuck you are kick aff at fl studio... i suck real bad...

you certainly do follow Strong Bads rules

"must include random obscure sci-fi movie quote"

dunno what that quote is, but it sounds obscure. and it works.

i like your DnB stuff. I don't need you anymroe is likely your best though. this one's a tad too short.



I like the way u change up the beat in the mid. This is sick nasty, as an awesome sick nasty, darn right kickin dawg!