Reviews for "{Big Boss}"


love it it own is nice


This makes me want to make a game. For my next game (whenever that'll be) this is definitely going to be a boss track.


now i wanna b a game designer

kumon, i wish i could make my own gamesm with this song, its perfect. I don wanna spoil nething more so ill just say, great job!

Very good work

Hmm, yes i can hear in this why you named it Big Boss.
I like the organs at the intro, and the beats and hits make it a really nice Drum 'n' Bass song.
I like the main melody's with short notes.
Only thing you can improve on is trying to use more instruments the next time.
Good work, keep it up! ;)


rly it s one good gaming song, bot for levels and bosses. very good job :)