Reviews for "{Big Boss}"


really good song ,keep up the good work

sick loop

i love how it loops so smoothly.... i was on another tab on ie and i couldnt tell that it was just looping at first. i start the track and went to something else, and i thought it was just playing like a 5 minute track.. good job.
enjoyed the music too!!


This is not my cup of tea, BUT it is quality as usual.

AND DUDES, dont argue ffs.

... its spelled "Avsum" END OF DISCUSSION


if i was a boss this will be my song good job

It was awsome!

When I say awsome, I'm talking about the one without the E between the W and the S. Great DnB song, sounded like some kind of fast-paced shooter game. It's not my cup of sludge though, but nonetheless awsome!